Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for Damascus Steel

Damascus Knives are truly a work of art and each one is unique.  The Damascus is made of 15n20 nickel and 1095 high carbon. Because of the high carbon, Damascus has a tendency to rust if it’s not oiled regularly. Keep a light oil (any kind of oil will work) to ensure that it doesn’t rust. Another tip is to never store your knife in a sheath because it will leach the tannins out of the sheath and rust the blade.

What are handle Options available?

The types of handle materials are endless – Camel bone, Giraffe bone, antlers, many exotic woods, etc. – the list goes on and on.  Some of our customers ask if they can provide us with their own handle material.  If you decide that you want to provide us with your own bone or antler that is special to you, that’s fine, but understand that we need as flawless a material as you can provide us.  If the material is brittle or cracked we may not be able to work with it.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

Please contact us through with your tracking or order number if your tracking status have not been updated within 24 hours. 

I got my knife blade chipped.

It’s not uncommon for any knife to be chipped after usage (even after just two months). Would be great if you can send us a photo, that way we can determine if it’s something unusual or whether it’s just a regular chip.
If it’s a small chip, all you have to do is sharpen it with a coarse stone (around 500 grit) and then finish it with a medium to fine grit stone.


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